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  1. The Unique bubble CPAP generator provides consistent and accurate
    delivery of CPAP
  2. The Reusable Pressure Manifold with pressure relief valve for infant safety
  3. The Manometer is provided to ensure the delivery of accurate PEEP
  4. Rotating PEEP adjustment knob to prevent the use error of setting the PEEP
  5. Servo control humidifier with temperature indication with heater wire
    for humidity of delivered gas
  6. Easy to adjust the PEEP setting on the bubble CPAP generator
  7. Easy to set the modes of humidifier
  8. Easy to fix the nasal prong with the neonates
  9. The Bubble CPAP System Provides respiratory supports with body temperature, pressure saturated gas to the infant
  10. Optimal humidity promotes mucociliary clearance and reduces the
    work of breathing
  11. Contoured nasal prongs made from non reactive silicone along with a
    unique cannula body provides stability during therapy.
  12. The integrated pressure monitoring line allows the monitoring of nasal prong pressure without having lines near the infant's face Offered in seven different sizes, it can be used on a wide range of patients for premature to new born baby
  13. Bubble Generator provides a convenient means to apply positive airway
    pressure, freeing the clinician to focus on patient care, not the device.
  14. This design delivers accuracy and stability throughout the course of therapy
  15. The ergonomic design allows airway pressure to be easily set without the
    cumbersome time consuming tasks normally associated with bubble devices.
  16. Water feeding port allows water to be added or removed with disconnecting the expiratory circuit
  17. Minimum and maximum lines clearly visible in highly transparent jar
  18. nice 5060 comes with Aluminium Stand
  19. nice 5060 S comes with Stainless steel Stand
  20. nice 5060 F doesn’t have Air-Oxygen Blender.