nice 5060 F – Bubble CPAP System

  • Unique bubble generating system provides consistent and accurate delivery of CPAP to the patient.
  • Air and Oxygen flowmeters that ensures the delivery of mixed gas to the patient.
  • Preset pressure manifold that releases the additional pressure ensures accurate delivery of the set pressure and safety to the patient.
  • Bubble generator with PEEP probe provides PEEP of 3 cmH2O to 10 cmH2O.
  • Bubble generator provides a convenient means to apply positive airway pressure, freeing the clinician to focus on patient care, not the device.
  • Overflow container in the bubble generator collects excess water which provides more time for the treatment by not letting the device to stop for collection of excess water.
  • Servo controlled Humidifier with flow detection sensor provides humidity to the delivered gas of patient.
  • Invasive and Non-invasive mode of operation supports the patient based on their requirements and comfort.
  • Optimal humidity of greater than 33 mg/l promotes mucociliary clearance and reduces the
    work of breathing.
  • Strong SS stand with dovetail grooving for easy fixing of humidifier and accessories
  • Disposable / Reusable heater wire circuits ensures the delivery of heated breathing gas to the patient.
  • Different types of patient interfaces like Nasal prongs, Nasal mask, Nasal T bar prongs & Nasal cannula are available to support the patient based upon their convenient and comfort.

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ISO 13485


Particular Safety Standard (Humidifier) –  ISO 80601-2-74

Particular Safety Standard (Blender) – ISO 11195

Particular Safety Standard (Breathing Circuits) – ISO 5367

Electrical Safety Standard – IEC 60601-1

EMC Safety Standard – IEC 60601-1-2

Biocompatibility (Breathing Circuits & Patient Interfaces) – ISO 10993