These are an array of accessories that can be used more than once which are used in conjunction with devices requiring breathings circuits, flow meters, skin temperature probe and so on.

Breathing Circuits

Humidification Chamber

Bubble Generator

T-Piece Resuscitator Circuit

Skin Temperature Probe

Air Temperature Probe

Humidifier Temperature Probe

Heater Wire Adapter for Humidifier

Transport Incubator Trolley

Baby Mattress

Incubator Hood (Canopy) Accessories

Air Intake Filter

Humidifier Bottle, Suction Bottle, Venturi Slow Suction

Air & Oxygen Pressure & Flow Regulator

Air & Oxygen Inlet Hose

Flow Meters

Oxygen Cylinder

Patient Circuit Arm & Mounting Brackets

X-Ray Tray

Oxygen Sensor

Optical Sensor Assembly with Cable for Phototherapy Radiometer

Fibre Optic Cables

Acrylic Trays

Roll Stand Assembly

Battery Backup

IV Poles