NICU/Baby Equipment Manufacturers

nice Neotech Medical Systems is one among the leading NICU/baby Equipment manufacturers. Neonatal care is given to the baby that are born prematurely (before 37 weeks’ gestation) who are underweight and in need of medical intervention. In the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), there are different levels with advanced technology and trained healthcare professionals to give special care for the teeny tiny patients.

Infant Incubator

Infant Transport Incubator

Infant Radiant Warmer with T-Piece Resuscitator and Phototherapy

Infant Radiant Warmers

Infant Radiant Warmer

LED Phototherapy Manufacturer

Infant Phototherapy

Bubble CPAP Systems

Infant Resuscitator

Infant T-Piece Resuscitator

Neonatal Transilluminator

Fibre Optic Neonatal Transilluminator

Fibre Optic Blanket Infant Phototherapy

Infant Observation Trolley

Infant Weighing Scale


Oxygen Hood

Oxygen Hood

Oxygen Analyser

Respiration Monitor


Phototherapy Radiometer


Medical Air Compressor