Preset Pressure Manifold

  • Rigid polycarbonate material to withstand high pressures.
  • Releases pressure in high accuracy to ensure patient safety.
  • 15mm female gas inlet connector.
  • 22mm female connector to connect to the humidifier chamber.
  • 15mm port for testing the FiO2 level.
  • 5 mm port for testing the pressure Level
  • Available in three different varieties based on pressure limiting relief valve at >20 cmH2O, >40 cmH20 and >60 cmH20

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QMS – ISO 13485


Particular Safety Standard (Conical Connectors) – ISO 5356

Particular Safety Standard (Breathing Sets & Connectors) – ISO 5367

Biocompatibility – ISO 10993

Biocompatibility – ISO 18562