nice 8030 - Pediatric / Adult Humidification Chamber

  • 720 ml compressed volume for Pediatric / Adult patients.
  • Medical grade rigid polysulfon material ensures to withstand higher temperatures of hot water and multiple use.
  • Aluminium base plate ensures to transfer and hold the heat inside the chamber.
  • Removable aluminium base plate with O-ring easy to clean and multiple use.
  • Optimal guided flow circulation within the chamber.
  • Lower water level needed and larger heater contact surface to reduce required heating time.
  • Standard complied 22mm male port for inlet and outlet gas hose connectors.
  • Isolated water inlet port makes it easy to refill water and minimizes the work load of removing chamber frequently.
  • Float seal mechanism to prevent the overflow of water from the chamber.
  • Highly legible water line in chamber makes it easily visible from all angles.
  • Flow resistance, compliance and leakage conform to ISO 5356 for connectors.
  • Designed to withstand sterilization process enabling contamination free multiple use.
  • Biocompatible for breathing gas pathway ensures to reduce the risk of contamination and leaching.

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QMS – ISO 13485


Particular Safety Standard (Conical Connectors) – ISO 5356

Biocompatibility – ISO 10993

Biocompatibility – ISO 18562


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