imagenice 5000 – Infant Radiant Warmer
Baby cradle
  1. A Micro-processor controlled Infant warming system.
  2. Three Mode of Operation Servo Skin, Servo Air and Manual.
  3. Feather Touch operation with large digital display and comprehensive alarms
  4. Thermistor based Temperature Sensor for accurate temperature measurement
  5. Memory Backup restores set temperature and control mode automatically, in the event of power failure. it helps to reduce the attention failure of users
  6. The baby bed is tiltable at both sides for Trendelenburg and Fowler's position.
  7. Easily removable and Unbreakable Aluminum hinge with acrylic side panels to clean the subsequent usages.
  8. The Heater Module easily pivots 90 degrees in either direction to facilitate other procedures such as X-rays without disturbing the baby
  9. Optional Features: Built-in Weighing Scale