nice 8050 – Heated (Respiratory) Humidifier

  • Respiratory Humidifier is designed for use in hospital environment wherever medical gas is being supplied to patients.
  • nice 8050 Respiratory humidifier (Medical Humidifier) incorporates latest technology that provides Physiological level of humidity at body temperature.
  • The nice 8050 advanced microprocessor controls & delivers precise, reliable performance in humidifying the respiratory medical gas before delivered to the patient and ensures 0% water condensation in any breathing circuit.
  • Capable of operating in either invasive or non-invasive control mode with flow detection.
  • The nice 8050 features dual servo control feedback humidifier system incorporates to constant monitoring and control chamber and proximal temperatures in the airway line. As a result high temperature gases cannot exist anywhere in the system.
  • When use a heated wire breathing system from nice 8050, ventilated gas continues to warm during delivery. Rain-out and waste are reduced, while the need for circuit change is minimized.
  • Comprehensive audible & visual alarm constantly protects against potential problems. The nice 8050 will alert at variations of set limit temperature Vs actual.
  • Optimal humidity of greater than 33 mg/l promotes mucociliary clearance and reduces the work of breathing.
  • The design of nice 8050 Servo Humidifier makes it the ideal humidification system for Adult Ventilator, Infant Ventilator, NCPAP, Bubble CPAP, Infant Resuscitator and High Flow Oxygen Therapy for Adult, Pediatric & Neonatal care for both invasive and non-invasive application.
  • The servo controlled Humidifier accommodates both high and low flow ventilation therapies, as well as heated and non-heated wire breathing system.
  • An advanced microprocessor controller assures the control of the system. The system responds immediately to any change in settings, and constant self-diagnostic verify proper operation every second of use.
  • Compatible for use with both disposable and reusable humidification chambers. Add water alarm arises when water level below the required level in the chamber.
  • Non-interchangeable connectors with different colour code provided for temperature probe and heater wire adapter.
  • Highly accurate temperature probe that measures the temperature at chamber side and at the end of breathing circuit and provides servo controlled feedback to the humidifier.

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QMS – ISO 13485


Particular Product – ISO 80601-2-74

Breathing Circuit – ISO 5367

Electrical – IEC 60601-1

EMC – IEC 60601-1-2

Biocompatibility – ISO 10993


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