Neonatal Respiratory Equipments

nice 5005 Low Flow Air-Oxygen Blender

  • nice 5005 and nice 5010 have gas savings ON/OFF bleed feature
  • Available in very low to high flow capability
  • Suited to specialty and general needs
  • Mounting solutions for all situations
  • All blenders are equipped with an audible alarm
  • OxyM Medical Air/O2 blenders combine compressed Medical Air and Oxygen to deliver blended pressurized gas at a precise oxygen concentration (FiO2) firm by the user.
  • Some models are equipped with a unique gas bleed ON/OFF switch to increase accuracy when needed, conserve gas, save money and time.
  • These blenders are suitable for respiratory applications including routine therapy, ventilator gas supply, Bubble CPAP, SiPAP, Resuscitator and critically-limited NICU procedures.
  • nice Neotech offer different models with multiple outlet ports that deliver the same highly accurate selected FiO2. Most models can be customized to include a flowmeter attachment with a variety of flow rates available.
  • The blenders contain an audible alarm which warns the user if either of the gas sources changes by more than 30 psi from the other.
  • Medical Air and Oxygen blenders require a bleed for accuracy. The bleed on a blender is activated by the knob which is placed on the right port. This avoids the blended gas being bleed into the air when the blender is not in use.
  • High/Low Flow Blender
    Versatile dual range blender. Ideal for equipment needing flows from 2 -120 lpm, yet also capable of increased accuracy even at a low flow range.
  • Low Flow Blender
    Perfect for NICU and Newborn Nursery or for a flow of 30 lpm or less. Increased accuracy at even the lowest flow range.

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QMS – ISO 13485


ISO 1195

Air/Oxygen Blender Accessories


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