SAPPHIRE 4000 Hi Bright LED Phototherapy Unit with Y-Shape Aluminum base– Overhead

  • Nine Hi power LED provides to cover the bed area and for effective Phototherapy treatment
  • No ultraviolet rays ensures minimize the UV exposures
  • No infrared rays ensures minimize the water loss
  • Adjustable Height – Conveniently allows you to control irradiance levels on the neonate and different types of cradle.
  • Convenient Tilting of Source Unit, Height Adjustment with Single hand and Castor with elegant maneuvering helps to place the system at different positions, at user convenience.
  • Treatment Timer ensures the auto cutoff when elapse the set time
  • Lamp usage hour monitor, Lamp replacement alert are ensures the less downtime service.
  • Lamp usages hours greater than 20,000 hours ensures no need of frequent change of lamp.

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QMS – ISO 13485


Particular Product – IEC 60601-2-50

Electrical – IEC 60601-1

EMC – IEC 60601-1-2

Biocompatibility – ISO 10993

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