nice 2010 - Infant Radiant Warmer (Standalone Model)

  • A Micro-processor controlled Infant warming system
  • Four Mode of Operation Servo Skin, Safe, Pre-warm and Manual
  • Feather Touch operation with large digital display and comprehensive alarms
  • Thermistor based Temperature Sensor for accurate temperature measurement
  • i-sense technology detects the detachment of skin probe and decreases the temperature gradually to protect the baby from Hyperthermia
  • Quartz/Ceramic/Calrod (tubular) heater with parabolic reflector to provide heat uniformly in the entire bed
  • Memory Backup restores set temperature and control mode automatically, in the event of power failure. It helps to reduce the attention failure of users
  • APGAR Timer available up to 1-59 minutes
  • LED/Halogen observation lamp to facilitate the Doctor/Physician to observe the baby during treatment
  • Height adjustment option for different heights of baby cradles / trolleys / bassinet
  • The Heater Module easily pivots 90 degrees in either direction to facilitate other procedures such as X-rays without disturbing the baby – Heater can be cutoff during pivoting (optional feature)

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QMS – ISO 13485



Particular Safety Standard – IEC 60601-2-21

Electrical Safety Standard – IEC 60601-1

EMC Safety Standard – IEC 60601-1-2

Biocompatibility – ISO 10993

Available along with nice 6000 Infant Observation Trolley

 nice 2010 with nice 6000


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