Heater Wire T-Piece Resuscitator Circuit

  • T-piece connector to connect to resuscitation mask or endotracheal tube.
  • Designed with PEEP control knob at the T-piece connector for adjustment of PEEP level based on patient’s requirement
  • Corrugated design ensures non-kinking operation and smooth airflow for patient safety.
  • Lighter weight design to ensure the connectors do not detach bearing higher weights.
  • Spiral heater wire technology in the inspiratory limb increases the heating surface area in the circuit for superior condensate control and allows for delivery of optimal humidity to patients.
  • Flow resistance, compliance and leakage conform to ISO 5367 for breathing circuits and ISO 5356 for connectors.
  • Biocompatible for breathing gas pathway and contact with patient ensures to reduce the risk of contamination, leaching and irritation.
  • Single patient use.

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QMS – ISO 13485


Particular Safety Standard (Conical Connectors) – ISO 5356

Particular Safety Standard (Breathing Sets & Connectors) – ISO 5367

Biocompatibility – ISO 10993

Biocompatibility – ISO 18562


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