Infantometer is a device that measures the size of Baby(Baby scale):

Introduction :

A device for determining the size of young children. As part of monitoring an infant’s growth, the height of a newborn must be measured on a regular basis. It can be utilised everywhere, but is especially well suited for use at doctor’s offices, hospitals, and patients’ homes. It may be transferred to any area with ease.

By securely holding the newborn in place, the infantometer can measure the infant’s recumbent length with better accuracy. It’s made to measure a baby’s length when he or she is lying down.

The Scenario:

An infantometer is used to measure an infant’s length. It’s a length and height measurement instrument for babies. Our range includes a sleek broad base with one sliding side that adjusts to the length of the infant, a dual scale for direct reading in cms / inches up to 90 cm, folding slides for convenient storage, and a baby that can comfortably sleep on the scale’s chest. It comes with a fixed headrest. To measure the length, the other end can be fitted to the baby’s foot area.

The newborn, on the other hand, struggles and cries during the measurement process, and it frequently takes three people to align the infant’s head, legs, and the infantometer’s boards. With an easy-to-read double-sided parallel-positioned scale, it assures precise and accurate measurement.

Description of the Infantometer:

• Use either a high-quality electronic digital or a beam balancer with a levelled pan scale.

• Both portable and ‘fixed’ alternatives are appropriate.

• Motion detector and stabiliser must be large enough to accommodate toddlers up to the age of two.

• Because they do not have a firm platform, no length or stature devices should be installed.

• Scales should be cleaned on a regular basis.

Dimensions of length range from 0-1000 mm.

For measures, the graduation is given in mm/cm/inch.

Foot piece that can be locked.

With head support and movable leg support, the resolution is less than 1 mm.

It may be folded and taken with you wherever you go.


It is critical to measure an infant’s length on a frequent basis in order to determine growth velocity and ensure that the child is developing normally.

Frequent measurements of the infant’s length and tracking of growth velocity would be achievable with this new technique. Your body mass index, or BMI, is calculated using your height and weight measurements. It is a measure of healthy versus unhealthy weight. They’re also useful for tracking a child’s development.



Requires a high level of technical expertise.

Recording time (if battery powered) or data storage may limit free living measurements (if data stored internally on the device).

Suggestions in general:

For each child, a growth record should be started and kept by the parents. Parents should make sure that their child has a Growth Record when they take him or her to the doctor.


Boys and girls are born with distinct weights and lengths, necessitating the creation of a separate Growth Record. It can also include an immunisation schedule to demonstrate when your child need and receives immunizations.


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