Oxygen Hood

A Neonatal Care Product For babies who can breathe on their own but still require supplemental oxygen, an oxygen hood is employed.  An oxygen hood is a clear acrylic compartment (that resembles a hood) that encloses an infant’s or young child’s head with cylinders or boxes that fit


Infantometer is a device that measures the size of Baby(Baby scale): Introduction : A device for determining the size of young children. As part of monitoring an infant’s growth, the height of a newborn must be measured on a regular basis. It can be utilised everywhere, but is especially

Infant Weighing Scale

Infant Weighing Scale Weighing scales are a type of measuring tool used to determine the weight or mass of an object. A full-size infant weighs 2500 g or more; a low birth weight is less than 2500 g; a very low birth weight is less than 1500 g; and an extremely low birth weight is […]