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Infant Observation trolley/ Infant Bassinet

Infant Observation trolley/ Infant Bassinet

Infant Observation Trolleys, also known as Infant Bassinets or Baby Cradles, are commonly used for the observation and transportation of infants, as well as for treatment with Under Surface Phototherapy or Infant Radiant Warmers, thanks to their creative and integrated design. The Infant bassinet includes a storage tray as well as an IV pole,


Strong, sturdy & well balanced 

Optimum area for baby management

Crease free, nontoxic, with easily cleanable baby mattress 

Utility tray for storage purposes.

Translucent bassinet for the placement of the infant.

Fixed bed holds the baby gently in position.

Transparent side panels ensures the visibility of the baby from long distance.

Detachable and unbreakable hinge fixed to the side panels helps to sterilize easily.

The bed can be tilted on both sides for Trendelenburg and Fowler’s position.

Soft baby mattress for the comfort of the infant.

Strong lockable castors for easy movement and lock in same position.

Storage tray for placing records.

Infant Trolley Uses:

The physiological decline of infants and young children is more rapid. For patient assessment and early diagnosis of clinical deterioration, regular measurement and documentation of clinical (physiological) observations is essential. 

A paediatric early warning system (PEWS) chart is used to aid in the detection of clinical deterioration. Seven essential clinical observations are color-coded to show where they stray from safe age-appropriate limits.  

Registered nurses are in charge of defining and documenting the type and frequency of clinical observations that are required for infant, as well as ensuring that clinical observations are carried out, evaluated, and followed up on.

Clinical observations must be completed according to the plan of care, which is the responsibility of enrolled nurses.


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