nice 5001 Medical Air Compressor

Medical Air Compressors (MARS) MARS – Medical Air Source Medical Air Compressors continually offer fresh oil-free medical air with high flow capacities and low pressure and voltage drop indicators. It provides oil-free air to Resuscitators, Bubble CPAP, and High Flow Oxygen Therapy while

OPAL nice 5040 – Oxygen Analyser

Oxygen Analyser One of the most widely utilised treatments in neonatal care is the oxygen analyser. Despite recent research highlighting the risks of too much oxygen, there are no standardised recommendations for the treatment of oxygen therapy in high-risk newborns. Introduction: The use of


Oxygen Hood – Neonatal Neck Adjustment Side Port Transparent Acrylic for easy visibility Neck Port adjustment to minimize the wastage of oxygen Two side port to access procedures easily Oxygen inlet Port O2 cell Port/temperature port Various size for Pediatric /Infant/Neonatal Transparent