Neonatal Care

Neonatal Care – Baby Incubator

There have been some major changes in the Neonatal Care over the past 120 years. Some of these changes include the invention of the incubator, changes in respiratory care, and the development of surfactants.

nice 3010 H

The nice 3010 H baby incubator is built to Embody precision, reliability and convenience
Micro-processor controlled with simultaneous display of Skin, Air and Set Temperatures.
Thermistor based Temperature Sensor for accurate temperature measurement
Memory Backup restores set temperature and control mode automatically, in the event of power failure. it helps to reduce the attention failure of users
The centrifugal blower operation ensures intake fresh air for the infant, and minimizes the CO2 level inside the hood, always.
The withdrawable baby tray gives unimpeded access to the new born.
The Electrical Adjustment of working height ensures convenient care of the new born
The unit has a built-in Humidity Chamber and integrated O2 Flow Meter.
The baby bed is tiltable at both sides, Head up and down, with externally operated Trendelenburg and Fowler’s position.
The elbow operated ports allows easy access and eliminates cross infections.
Include Built-in Observation Light, IV Stand and Monitor Shelf
Optional Features: Double Wall Canopy / Built-in Weighing Scale.

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