About nice Neotech Medical Systems Pvt. Ltd.,
Neonatal care equipment
nice Neotech Medical Systems Pvt. Ltd., was established in the year 1997 by a first generation entrepreneur who graduated from the reputed Guindy Engineering College, Chennai India.

‘nice’ stands for ‘Neonatal Intensive Care Equipments’ which aptly amplifies the objectives of the organization.

Technological developments have been the most transforming force in the advancement of neonatal care. Yesteryears witnessed scaled down version of technology of adults, which did not meet the very different and unique physiologic needs of infants. The challenge of saving smaller neonates and those with complex surgical cardiac anomalies and medical conditions warrant the use of high tech equipments.

The spectrum of medical equipment is continuously undergoing changes in design, catering to the renewed demands of the end user necessitating the products to be user friendly.

The medical equipments at nice Neotech Medical Systems are characterized by innovative drive and pioneering spirit and designed to meet the ever changing complex needs of the ‘health care’ Industry.

The equipments range include ‘Infant Incubator, Transport Incubator, Infant Open care system, Infant Radiant Warmers, CFL Phototherapy units, LED Phototherapy Unit , Infant Observation Trolley, Baby Bassinet, Neonatal Transilluminator, Infant T Piece Resuscitator, Bubble CPAP, Respiratory humidifier for Ventilator, Air Oxygen Blender for Ventilator/CPAP/Resuscitator, Baby weighing scales, Oxygen hoods, Infanto Meter, Anaesthesia Machine and Ventilator Accessories such as Stand, Patient Circuit Arm, Humidifier Mounting Bracket , Adult Test Lung, Pediatric Test Lung, Neonatal Test Lung, Nasal Prong.

nice Neotech is focusing its R&D efforts in making third generation infusion pumps, syringe pumps and Blood Warmer. The technical and the R&D teams are driven by a group of qualified engineers specialized in relevant fields which has ensured Neotech to enjoy the good will and confidence of innumerous customers spread all over India with repeat orders.The products are also exported to different countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, Bangladesh.Breakthrough in European and Middle East markets is now happening.

The company has been certified for Quality Management System QMS ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003. The products are tested for compliance with IEC 60601-1 electrical safety standard requirements and its Particular standard as applicable which stands testimony for its quality commitment.

Absolute thoroughness at all levels, close cooperation with medical organizations, continual monitoring and updation of technology have been the strengths of nice Neotech