Company Overview

nice Neötech Medical Systems Pvt. Ltd., was established in the year 1997 by a first generation entrepreneur who graduated from the reputed Guindy Engineering College, Chennai India.

‘nice’ stands for ‘Neonatal Intensive Care Equipment’s which aptly amplifies the objectives of the organization.

Technological developments have been the most transforming force in the advancement of neonatal care. Yesteryears witnessed scaled down version of technology of adults, which did not meet the very different and unique physiologic needs of infants. The challenge of saving smaller neonates and those with complex surgical cardiac anomalies and medical conditions warrant the use of high tech equipments.

The spectrum of medical equipment is continuously undergoing changes in design, catering to the renewed demands of the end user necessitating the products to be user friendly.

The medical equipments at nice Neötech Medical Systems are characterized by innovative drive and pioneering spirit and designed to meet the ever changing complex needs of the ‘health care’ Industry.

The equipments range include ‘Infant Incubator, Transport Incubator, Infant Open care system, Infant Radiant Warmers, CFL Phototherapy units, LED Phototherapy Unit , Infant Observation Trolley, Baby Bassinet, Neonatal Transilluminator, Infant T Piece Resuscitator, Bubble CPAP, Respiratory humidifier for Ventilator, Air Oxygen Blender for Ventilator/CPAP/Resuscitator, Baby weighing scales, Oxygen hoods, Infanto Meter, Anaesthesia Machine and Ventilator Accessories such as Stand, Patient Circuit Arm, Humidifier Mounting Bracket , Adult Test Lung, Pediatric Test Lung, Neonatal Test Lung, Nasal Prong.


Our Vision

Take make in india concept and make a new products and difference in the neonatal industry in the world by 2020


Our Mission

Provide best products user friendly, safety and value for money. Contribute higher growth to the employees, society and nation.

Achievements & Strengths

4. Achivements & Strengths


nice Neötech is focusing its R&D efforts in making third generation infusion pumps, syringe pumps and Blood Warmer. The technical and the R&D teams are driven by a group of qualified engineers specialized in relevant fields which has ensured Neötech to enjoy the good will and confidence of innumerous customers spread all over India with repeat orders.The products are also exported to different countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, Bangladesh. Breakthrough in European and

Middle East markets is now happening.

Quality Assurance

5. QualityAssurance


The company has been certified for Quality Management System QMS ISO 9001, ISO 13485. The products are tested for compliance with IEC 60601-1 electrical safety standard requirements and its Particular standard as applicable which stands testimony for its quality commitment.


‘‘Absolute thoroughness at all levels, close cooperation with medical organizations, continual monitoring and updation of technology have been the strengths of nice Neötech’’

Company Capability

Trade Capability ( Trade & Market)

Production Capability

Factory Location

nice Neötech medical Systems Pvt. Ltd.,.
No.85 and 86, Krishna Industrial Estate,
Vanagaram, Mettukuppam, Chennai – 600 095,
Tamil Nadu, INDIA.

Factory Size

36,000 Sq. ft

Production Line

21 + Production Line

Manufacturing Facility

2 Units

Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing Process images

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Machining & Tool Room

Acrylic Fabrication


Injection Moulding


PCB Assembly

Mould & Die

Production Facility

Production Line – Infrastructure – 22 Production Line, etc..


Transport Incubator

Infant Incubator

Open Care System

Infant Radiant Warmer

LED Phototherapy

Bubble CPAP

T-Piece Resuscitator


Phototherapy Fibre Optic

Observation Trolley

Weighing Scale


Oxygen Hood

Oxygen Analyser

Respiration Monitor

Phototherapy Radiometer

Medical Air Compressor

Respiratory Humidifier

Humidifier Chamber

Air Oxygen Blender

Disposable Accessories

CPAP Nasal Mask

CPAP Nasal Prongs

CPAP Nasal T Bar Prongs             

CPAP Nasal Prongs For the Ventilator

      Phototherapy Eye Mask              

   Flow Tube & Fixing Pillow           

Head Bonnet

Test Lung

Resuscitation Mask

Auto feed Water Chamber

Disposable Neonatal Patient Breathing Circuit

Reusable Neonatal Patient Breathing Circuit

     Humidifier Accessories                      

        Patient Circuit Arm                         

Bubble CPAP Patient Interface

Patient Circuit Combo Kit

High Flow Oxygen Therapy

Skin Temperature Probe

Product Training

Assured Quality Training and Education Training being organized by niceneotech for Overseas visitors For further Assistance call us +91-9840873602

Baby Incubator

Transport Baby Incubator

Bubble CPAP

Air Oxygen Blender

Respiratory Humidifier

Product Launch

Updated new Technological Neotech Products are launched by nice neotech for Overseas Buyers  and  For more upcoming products call us +91-98408 73602

Bubble CPAP

Air Oxygen Blender

Respiratory Humidifier

The management team of nice Neötech medical Systems Pvt. Ltd., has the expertise of highly experienced professionals in areas such as Infant Neonatal care, Respiratory, research and development, regulatory affairs and commercialisation. The team is tasked with guiding the company during this dynamic phase of its development and beyond.

Wilson Ponnian, Managing Director

Md Photo

Mr. P Wilson – Managing Director, is a qualified Electronics Engineer serving the Neonatal Intensive Care requirements for more than 30 years with rich experience in Design, Development, manufacture & servicing of critical medical electronic equipment.

Sheeba Wilson, Director

Mrs. Sheeba Wilson – Director, is a Post Graduate in Economics and is in-charge of Finance and Administrative activities of the company & has an overall experience of about 25 years.

Director Madam Photo

Anil S, Senior General Manager

Anil Sir Photos

Mr. Anil S – Senior General Manager, has an excellent Interpersonal & Entrepreneurship skill; a dynamic, realistic and an astute leader with over 2 decades of extensive experience in strategic management, operations management, Key account management, Profit center, business development management and channel management/ distribution in varied industry verticals; wide-ranging practical experience in most industry verticals and forward thinking attitude, who focuses whole heartedly to the company’s exponential growth and continues to spur the team on to greater heights.

  • Be noble in every thought and in every deed!

Certificates And Safety Test Report


For request of Certificate copy and Safety & Test Report please click here to fill information, we will contact you within two business days.



Safety Test Report




Quality objectives and commitments which drives nice Neötech to reach global standards: Committed to deliver effective Medical equipments and accessories that consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements. Committed to continually improve and respond professionally and competitively to the ever changing needs and aspirations of the valued customers, through pursuit of technological excellence, innovation and quality sustenance Committed to lay down stringent quality parameters and consciously adhere to quality standards for all the products and services we deliver. Aware that the ‘new born’ is not only a bundle of joy but also a beautiful example of hope, wonder and life itself. Protection during the critical neonatal stage is crucial. Hence Neötech shall adhere to all the quality parameters and ensure the medical profession is always supported by quality products and after sales services. Shall infuse the ‘warmth and dedication’ into its efforts in making the finest neonatal intensive care equipments. Shall design the most critical equipment for the cutest thing in the world, as infants smile is infinitely precious Serve the Health care needs with highest integrity and cost efficiency. Provide cost effective, user friendly, and affordable quality equipments to the medical fraternity and shall provide proactive after sales service. The equipments shall comply with the international and regulatory standards and shall also present an aesthetic look and finish, with minimum spare occupation. Shall provide professional consultancy services for the medical fraternity to establish/upgrade/modify neonatal Intensive care units (NICU)

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